Mapufacture and FortiusOne!

Mapufacture has joined FortiusOne!

No need to repeat why this makes so much sense. Andrew and Sean share the great news. More officially, there’s the press release and Mapufacture blog.

Personally, my new role at FortiusOne gives me latitude for explorations and tangential efforts, which I’ll be writing about in the coming time.

From my perspective, we’ve all been pursuing this vision of maps, tools and data, in order to better understand and communicate about our world. At the conclusion of researching Weaver House, I wrote..

there’s one simple system which they all could easily hook into .. geography. I simply want to be able to search, and ask for all the information about a small half kilometer square area. That is why I’m pushing for GeoRSS, open geo data, and open source geo software .. not just for the Web 2.0 holy grail of a good restaurant review .. but to provide the simplest and easiest way to organize information about the world, and put everyone on equal footing when it comes to deciding our future.

It’s incredible to experience and witness all the different forms of organization and endeavor that pursuit of such a simple thing conjures. From hackers, open source, and NGOs, to start ups, big multinationals, and the United Nations, we’ve worked in so many capacities. As Andrew and I have worked through Mapufacture, pushed through and spun out the simple ideas into the new alphabets soups of the GeoWeb, all paths were open to us. And we’ve been fortunate to have the support of so many great folks. When FortiusOne made the offer to join forces, it was a completely natural idea. Complementary focus, similar technologies and approach, and a shared vision of what all this code can do. I’m confident great things are happening. Rockin!

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  1. Congratulations! really happy to see things moving forwards and converging … I am looking forward to the great things that will come of this.

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