Hout Bay OpenStreetMap Mapping Party!

Absolutely stunning and fun day yesterday in Hout Bay & Cape Town.

Cape Town is pretty well mapped. So we went afield 20km south to a lovely little beach town of Hout Bay, and based ourselves at the welcoming porch of Tobi Crescent Beach. Hout Bay is chilled out but also an interesting recent history, with a economic/land/racial political conflict recapitulating the issues facing the nation as a whole. That meant we couldn’t wisely go into the informal settlement of Imizamo Yethu, which is probably not mapped anywhere, and deserves to be .. would love the chance to meet someone with ties there, who like to go in for some mapping. Yahoo is ok over Imizamo Yethu. update .. apparently the city of Cape Town maps the footprint of each dwelling individually using aerial photography, for census and liability purposes. Not freely available data however…

Good mix of newbies and experienced mappers, so teams collected around the half dozen GPS accompanying us for OpenMappingAfrica2008. The nearly 20 folks were all enthusiastic and pulled together a great event.

Hout Bay before:


Hout Bay after:


AND Party Render Hout Bay

After mapping proper, we were entertained to a great, impromptu lunch at Trevor’s restaurant, the Wild Fig. In the middle of Cape Town, yet wild open and idyllic. Lovely. Then some free wifi and editing. This is a style of mapping I can get used to!

Thanks to Gavin and the FOSS4G team for support and promotion, Tobi and the Wild Fig, and everyone who took part.

3 thoughts on “Hout Bay OpenStreetMap Mapping Party!”

  1. I hade a very happy experience, meting very nice group of people & introduced to the OSM project with it’s software and agenda.
    It left me with a good taste of doing something similar back home in Israel.
    Thanks This guy how invited us to his restaurant, we hade a grate lunch in the must beautiful place – dose anyone remember the restaurant’s name.

  2. I had a great time at this event. It was a fine introduction to OSM and a great bunch of people. I have already started going through my old GPS traces to see where I can fill in some more gaps. OSM user name trevorh7000.

    Nice render of the mapping session I was with Schuyler and ours was the blue line!

    It was a pleasure to have you all at The Wild Fig for lunch and to use the wifi.

    Will most certainly be introducing this to my friends with GPS receivers. It will go very nicely with my other GPS past time of geocaching – which is where most of my saved traces come from! Now I can have double the fun!

    Thank you Mikel and the rest for showing me how

    Keep on mapping


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