Gaza OpenStreetMap

We’re making a push to get up to date maps of Gaza in OpenStreetMap. UN agencies, NGOs, web sites are requesting better maps of the crisis. For one, we are looking to re-activate the partnerships and routing services developed in Haiti last year. AidWorkerDaily has a quick survey of mapping API coverage right now.

Anyone interested in assisting with OpenStreetMap work in Gaza, please get in touch. Using the OSM wiki to coordinate: OpenStreetMap WikiProject Palestine Gaza.

Gaza in Yahoo

Yahoo aerial imagery covers the southwest portion of Gaza, strangely not Gaza City. There’s been active tracing in the area by the international OpenStreetMap community. We need and seek contacts with people familiar with Gaza’s street names, features, etc, to enhance the bare geometries of OSM. If you know of Gazan bloggers, photographers from flickr, wikipedians, anyone interested in contributing open data, introductions are welcome.

UN OCHA oPt has the best source for humanitarian maps of Gaza. Some of these are of uncertain copyright status, need to investigate whether we can derive data from this source. The New York Times has an excellent summary map of the military actions, derived in part from OCHA. Ushahidi has been deployed in Gaza by al Jazeera, and they’re using msft maps.

Information is our most powerful tool towards peace and understanding. Let’s work towards openness and freedom.

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