Gaza OpenStreetMap Update

Work has been proceeding rapidly. Quick update.

* The southwest has been traced pretty extensively. Incredible work from OpenStreetMap mappers.
* We’re looking into purchasing satellite imagery for the north or the entirety of Gaza. There’s actually B/W imagery available from yesterday! This may require a fund raiser, depending on the quote we get.
* JumpStart International has offered to host that imagery on the server, for tracing into OSM.
* We’re getting closer to bringing on Gazans living abroad, to add street names, place names, map features.
* AlertNet ran a story on the effort yesterday.

Thanks to all the blog posts and tweets to get the word out.

If you want to help, the OSM Gaza wiki is the place to start. It’s probably the most comprehensive listing on Gazan mapping generally. Or get in touch direct with me by email. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Gaza OpenStreetMap Update”

  1. Hi,

    I applaud and support your efforts…good work and good luck!

    I wonder if you could work with NGA to get all of what you need for free so you aren’t duplicating efforts? NGA currently has high resolution and recent imagery and an excellent vector basemap for the region. It could be worth a try to contact them and build a partnership during this time of crisis, correct?

    I wonder if the Army’s TEC has updated GeoPDFs already created they could provide you (actually, they do) for free also…maybe worth trying to call Ray Caputo and make a request?

    We in the non-profit world need to take advantage of what our tax dollars have paid for, correct? Well, then all we need to do is work with the NGA and TEC, correct? They can help us and we can help them…it’s a win win situation in my opinion!

    Good luck!


  2. Geospatial– If you have any contact details for the NGA or Ray Caputo, please forward. I agree with you that our tax dollars should support free data. However what I’ve seen so far from the NGA in the public hasn’t been that detailed or recent.

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