One thought on “Surveying OpenStreetMap in Africa”

  1. Hello Mike!

    The subject of the free mapping in Africa seems to mature quickly. I waited for this moment for a long time as a single contributor to OSM ans as an private advisor for UNESCO, EEC and the French Ministry of Culture on cultural and heritage projects in Europe and an Africa. I am currently working on two projects that use mapping, in Mali and Congo (DRC). A third is planned in the Maghreb.

    Here, for example, the wiki of the Mali project (temporary address)

    Part of my job is to open the eyes of these organizations on free mapping as an alternative to traditional GIS and GoogleMaps. This is not easy…! But if all these projects will develop as I hope, we should make an intensive use of OSM, stimulate the development of many mashups. We even reserved a budget to help finance the OSM foundation!

    Beyond these peculiar projects, it seems to me that many questions arises concerning the relationship between the OSM Foundation & contributors and governmental and intergovernmental bodies. No doubt many more than I ask these questions. That is why these people should share their ideas. I am ready to be part of such a group. Let me know!

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