Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, Next. And also wine.

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Camp Roberts takes place quarterly. The first Crisis Mapping Conference takes place in October .. I was fortunate to find a too brief moment to catch up with co-organizer Patrick Meier in Paso Robles. The Hackistan code sprint looks to be taking place in October. We’re working on holding events in Africa around the AfricaGIS conference, and do some follow up activities with the SOTM Scholarship recipients, especially incorporating Walking Papers in slum mapping.

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team is working hard to take stock of what resources, materials, and organization we’ll need to fully engage with the emergency response community. Great ally Nicolas Chavent, formerly of the UNJLC, had joined to help with his tremendous experience.

Tangent, of course Burning Man is coming up, and Burning Man Earth will be on the playa in full. Here’s an early version of our map. Using very much the same toolkit and approach as Camp Roberts .. agile programming with great frameworks like GeoDjango, offline apps, open data, lightweight APIs .. we’re building out the digital nervous system of Black Rock City. BRC has always been a place for experimentation, a living one week urban laboratory in the harshest of environments. It’s the birth place of the Headmap manifesto. The fun we have out there is going to have beneficial reflections on the “default world”.

A little specific tech for the next Camp Roberts

We’re not done of course. The grid overlay on Walking Papers need tweaking, and probably migration to a real coordinate system. There are standard emergency iconography and schemas, and we need to get proper mapping in place, as we have for the UNSDI-t. My feeling is that OSM tags need a little bit of structured around them, but not explicitly in them, to provide better flow between the Map Features descriptions, tagging process, rendered icons, configuration options in editors, and mapping to other systems. OAuth and OpenID need fleshing out so that things like GeoChat can fully post updates on behalf of OSM mappers. In the long term, the tools for synchronizing OSM from multiple sources are needed, something approaching multimaster-sync, but based in better UI tools for sorting through geographic change and conflicts.

And we definitely need an icon for Kitfoxes!

With all the imagery processing happening, OpenAerialMap was mourned again. The NGA imagery is free to use, but it’s only usable form right now is a drive on the way to Afghanistan. There are lots of ideas on how to relaunch and scale up OAM, and there may be some efforts in the space in the near future.

Finally I have to give thanks (and gloat about) our accommodation for the week. Josh’s buddy Steve Martell runs Kaleidos Wine, and he generously offered space on his vineyard for us to camp, as well as quite a few glasses of wine. It was absolutely killer hanging out there, playing with the dogs and enjoying the incredible view. We also got a tour of the Firestone Brewery from their friend Matthew Brynildson, and that was just incredible. Yea, those 08:00 briefings were pretty blurry for us.

Paso Robles is lovely. If you get down there, check out the Kaliedos tasting room .. fun spot, great unpretentious wine.