Haiti OpenStreetMap Response

The have been at least 400 OpenStreetMap editing sessions in Haiti since the quake hit. Mostly tracing Yahoo imagery, and gleaning information from old CIA maps. We also just received permission to use GeoEye imagery acquired post-event … that will allow us to tag collapsed buildings. Many relief groups are deploying now, many checking in with the CrisisMappers list (the main locus of the wider humanitarian tech community), and they are making inquiries into OSM data and requests for particular features. Dozens of mappers and developers are lending a hand, coordinating on the OSM Haiti WikiProject and IRC and the OSM talk list … standing up services, including 5 minute extracts in Shapefile and Garmin formats, and maps with hill-shading. Just the start to relief and reconstruction effort we hope to contribute to.

Two images to show how we’ve progressed … the first OSM Port au Prince just now, the second OSM before the earthquake.



I’ll be on twitter with updates … though I’m due to fly tonight to Ireland.

10 thoughts on “Haiti OpenStreetMap Response”

  1. An amazing effort! If I may humbly suggest- don’t stop with Port au Prince, why not continue on and finish the entire country? With the main city done you are well on your way towards this goal(!) and in this time window you probably can call up the people-power to do it. Also a lot of aid is getting diverted to Santa Domingo airport in the Dominican Republic and getting trucked across from there. Might I suggest to spend some time working on the major supply routes in to and out of the D.Rep. and to/from airports there?
    The big outfits will have their own maps I guess, but the ad-hoc groups and logistics-not-going-perfectly among the big outfits could use surely it.

    The nice thing about this work is that it will have benefits for the country long after the country gets back on its feet.

    I hope this kind of response becomes a bit of a formal OSM tradition.


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