Humanitarian OSM Team: Haiti Strategy and Proposal

Who, what, where, and how are all open questions. Why is simple … OpenStreetMap has demonstrated incredible value in Haiti and we need to make sure we are prepared for the long run there, and for future disasters. A couple weeks ago, Nicolas and I started digesting the Haiti response, and years of thoughts and discussions in OSM, into something like a plan.

The aim of this evolving document is to start to gather and prioritize major themes of needs and activities, for HOT organizationally, in documentation and processes, in technical developments, in relationships. As we are building the vehicle while already hurtling down the road, parts of this are already in play, parts are falling through the gaps, and overall coordination is a need.

Your review and comments on any facet of this are most welcome. Ideas to make this happen especially!

One thought on “Humanitarian OSM Team: Haiti Strategy and Proposal”

  1. We are seriously exploring a mapping and youth polling proposal for Haiti. Talking to colleagues here who have just returned, it seems that timing and area where a pilot can be started are the two most sensitive decisions to be taken. We keep consulting with young Haitians here in NY, too, to get it right. Hope we can talk soon about a partnership around this..G

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