A Week for the Record Books

That was a week where I really was truly and completely welcomed to DC. Some great things, some other things, and some things I can’t talk about yet.

Was invited to fill for Kate Chapman at the Mapping the World of Humanitarianism workshop (not the geo kind of mapping). Talked about the challenges with community centered social technologies, within the humanitarian system. Most difficult question “Do you consider yourself a humanitarian?”

Seda Muradyan invited me to present within a multi-day workshop with Armenia journalists. Was via Skype, with translation (the translator did an amazing job. Spoke about OpenStreetMap and how we’ve applied it within community-centered journalism projects. Just missed saying hi to Noha Atef who had been in Armenia for this. Still amazed that the Internet makes this kind of thing possible.

TC103, Tech Tools for Emergency Management is an online course led by TechChange. I’ve been moderating, and the quality of the discussion and participants is phenomenal. Rob Baker and I sat down for a chat in front of the camera, good fun … may be released at the end of the course.

World Bank and Google

* http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/14/opinion/empowering-citizen-cartographers.html?_r=2
* http://www.globalintegrity.org/blog/bank-responds-to-google-maps-deal
* http://irevolution.net/2012/01/20/google-inc-world-bank-empowering-citizen-cartographers/#comment-11284

How many beers, coffees and phone calls discussing this boggling move last week? I’m still thinking about how to respond and where to go from here.

OpenStreetMap and Google

Google contractors were caught vandalizing OpenStreetMap. Oy vey.