GreenDevCamp, Yuri’s Night, LugRadio

It appears that GreenDevCamp has been postponed to June! Disappointed! Hopefully we can get organized by then — this could be a great event.

GreenDevCamp is taking place April 19 postponded in Redwood City at the Green Building Exchange. An un-conference with this focus seems long overdue in the Bay Area, home to some of the most forward thinking technologists and environmentalists. I’m very very interested in how information technology can be to environmental problems, though not sure exactly what I’ll talk about (note this weblog’s subtitle — “Building Digital Technology for Our Planet”), and a gathering of this sort brings to mind the fantastic PlanetWork conferences a few years ago. If you have any angle on sustainability and technology, please do attend!

A couple other events, the weekend before, April 12/13. Yuri’s Night at NASA Ames was awesome last year, and it’s happening again. This is the most amazing setting you can imagine, and a great lineup. We’re putting together some kind of OpenStreetMap related, GPS mapping and animation like activity, will be fun. And at LugRadio Steve and I will have a booth promoting OpenStreetMap to the collected freetards (I mean that in the sweetest way).