Time to sum projects, before losing track
chungtech tweaks
volunteer – bluewater network, greenbelt alliance, creek rebuilding
newsViews fixes
My Radio – module framework, quotes/weather/package track modules
midi visualization in java
sri yantra site update – berk prof
grad school – berk prof
song compose in reason

bookshelf for nerd corner
apt wide stereo system
bookshelf for living room
lamps for bedroom

San Francisco Bay – A Biography – ala London A Biography

Small historical stories from multiple perspectives

Maybe extend to other disciplines to make up for short historical time frame – biological, chemical, military

Idea springs from exploring along the bay near NASA and Anna’s friends apartment in Larkspur

Is there a relationship between a classical cultures color palette for arts, and its tone, rhythm, etc “palette” for music. Do colors and sounds evoke similar meaning? If it exists, can this relationship be used to build more “accurate” visualization?


graphical outline assembler in flash ala visio and the flash corpoarte web app (@whitney biennal)

does opml allow graphs, or only trees?

sri yantra flash – different solutions, tweakable

also, also hypercube

rotating rings image, with choosable image

stop light — earth moon sun — interstellar 3d traffic

street car tunnel

manipulate solar system

how does 3d flash work?? (pyramid)