Merano Open Data Imported

An interlude from India to Italy. Back in November, the municipality of Merano released _all_ of their GIS data, so that it could be imported into OpenStreetMap, or reused in any other manner. We’ve now completed the first round of import of that data, into OpenStreetMap and OpenAerialMap. Merano is liberated!

OSM Merano

OAM Merano

Thanks to Cristiano Giovando for importing the roads data and Christopher Schmidt for processing the aerial imagery.

There was some existing road data in Merano, so Cristiano manually solved those conflicts. Still this needs review by someone familiar with Merano, and highway classification, which was not present in the data, needs to be applied to roads.

The aerial imagery for the most part was processed fine, but there were a few anomalies which need to be debugged, and reprocessed at some point.

There’s a whole lot more data — this is just 2 of a dozen layers. I have an DVD from the city, which we discussed hosting at Telescience in San Diego. Get in touch if you want to take a look at this data.