my note to aggregators
That’s a very cool possibility.
That proposal was written in April – I wonder what it’s status is now,
since MSoft/IBM/BEA combined efforts on WSFL and XLANG into BPEL4WS,
WS-Coordination, WS-Transaction [1]. WSXL is at the top of the “Web
Services” Stack, above WSFL/XLANG at the time of this article. And now
the move to unify the OASIS standards with these, at the W3C [2].

I apologize for the rash of acronyms, it’s the nature of the beast. I
still don’t have a clear picture on what everything is supposed to do,
and I suppose the major players don’t either. It doesn’t look like any
concrete proposals will be released for at least a year, but at least
they’re coming together? (and you thought RSS was complicated)

Why is this important to aggregators? I see aggregators as the
consumer and execution client of web applications defined in WSXL (or
whatever). Think Watson [3], with plugins defined by WSXL
implementations. Aggregators as the framework for collecting
distributed content and executing distributed applications.

I really liked what I saw Justin point to, Apache Cacoon [4]. It’s an
actual working implementation of an XML application language. Well,
it’s only running in Apache Jakarta, and I don’t know enough to say if
its really suitable as a standard to implement on other platforms. One
nice point, it doesn’t specify SOAP exclusively for messaging: can
read files, grab html, connect to databases.