rss1/2 trackback module sweet, how to incorporate this in radio? could use the rcs to gather trackbacks, radio clients then periodically pull down the data. guess the clients could receive them as well, if they were online. also other protocols could be used (im, email) to support systems without http presence.

RCS Aggregator Cache
With this tool, the Radio Community Server can act as a RSS Cache for Radio Userland Aggregators.
The RCS is able to gather the most popular RSS feeds on behalf of an entire community of Radio Userland Users. The Users Aggregators request those feeds from the RCS, rather than directly from the source.
Content providers should receive significantly less requests of RSS feeds, resulting in less drain of bandwith and server resources.
At present, this problem isn’t significant, but as the usage of Aggregation greatly increases, some steps will need to be taken to preserve an efficient architecture
This is a fully functional experiment for the Radio Userland platform. This functionality can be duplicated in other implementations.

On Bookmarks – like Paolo, I’m using Bookmarks as my own programmable application menu in the browser – links into Radio, mail, etc. Any reference is in my weblog, and news in my aggregator.

Weblogs are just one type of structured information Radio could possibly build. While Bookmarks are a handy application to build structured information while browsing, it may be easier for a Radio tool to build this directly. Scriplet controls into Radio to build the weblog, directories, blog roll, subscriptions…

Marc asks about consolidation … well I thought I gleaned this idea from somewhere!! – How the directory on works

Basically, in an outline element, if the type is “link” and the url points to a .opml file, the outliner will include that remote directory within the outline

With Yahoo Bookmarks, we always wanted to aggregate users bookmarks into an open searchable directory, ala dmoz It never happened, the non-sellable output didn’t justify the cost of the complexity and infrastructure.

Now with smart clients, outlines, shared outlines and aggregators, there’s the basis of a distributed web directory.

An idea – publish bookmarks files, or parts of bookmarks, in opml. The format fits nicely. Connect files with instant outlines and shared outlines, and display with activeRenderer

The Radio Userland directory is a place to start