Looking at Userland products – frontier and radio
Radio – personalization centered on your desktop, can understand rss/soap/other xml
advantage is that content choice is unlimited
however prefs reside on one computer?? and it requires special software
could this be done entirely in explorer?? with prefs stored server side (ala hailstorm?)

This is also worth a look Meerkat

really need to find a news stream and stick to it

Terrorism and military simulation
interesting work on the dark side
“In practice, it’s hard to get the information from the political scientists into the hands of the computer scientists.” said Marcus Daniels, director of the Swarm Development Group, a spinoff of the Santa Fe Institute that focuses on agent software.


surfing in amsterdam

webservices article in FT: talaris looks good, maybe too corporate

lots of confusing products in the web services b2b category, maybe best to go for open source or contracting??

sf city college: anna needs to apply soon : take a course in java or c++ in windows (must keep learning)

blogger ideas : blogger bookmarklet : structured blogger : palm interface

received email about sriyantra site, reminds me that i could work quite a bit on updating the site

searching for research programs : computational history brings up lots of archival and database stuff :computational media brings up the Computational Media Metaphor : sante fe institute complexity studies – look into cross over with university researchers in the bay area : perhaps apply to berkeley, with closest advisor there, and pursue distant collaborations

haven’t heard back from chaos computing berlin about conway’s game of life entry for alexanderplatz screen – maybe try again?