Gaza OpenStreetMap Update

Work has been proceeding rapidly. Quick update. * The southwest has been traced pretty extensively. Incredible work from OpenStreetMap mappers. * We’re looking into purchasing satellite imagery for the north or the entirety of Gaza. There’s actually B/W imagery available from yesterday! This may require a fund raiser, depending on the quote we get. * … Continue reading “Gaza OpenStreetMap Update”

There is a Kitfox. More on OpenStreetMap at Camp Roberts

following from… The starting point was 50 cm imagery of Aghanistan, released by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. Todd Huffman, known to me from the Beer for Data program, negotiated free use of the invaluable imagery. OpenStreetMap’s response to Gaza demonstrates just one application of the power of easily available imagery. The US government, and many … Continue reading “There is a Kitfox. More on OpenStreetMap at Camp Roberts”

OpenStreetMap Palestine — Discussion List — Map the Future

Just emailed out this message .. reproduced here for further distribution. Forward and get involved! Greetings! Hope you are well! I’m sending out this message to briefly look back at what’s happened in OpenStreetMap Palestine, and announce a new mailing list [] to take mapping in Gaza and the West Bank forward. You’re receiving this … Continue reading “OpenStreetMap Palestine — Discussion List — Map the Future”

Misconceptions and Objections to Gaza Mapping: My Response

Over the past week, the response to OpenStreetMap in Gaza has been overwhelmingly supportive. There have been a few exceptional objections, and some common misconceptions, and I want to respond to from my perspective, and perhaps the “OpenStreetMap perspective”. Some of these objections have come from people familiar with operations in Gaza, so I take … Continue reading “Misconceptions and Objections to Gaza Mapping: My Response”

Only Possible With Open Data

Arguments about the importance of Open Data often come down to a principled stance, or a licensing discussion … that kind of argument doesn’t make much impression on folks who aren’t way in the weeds. And it’s more than just licensing … there are equal parts issues of legality, technical freedom, and community. Clear examples … Continue reading “Only Possible With Open Data”

We Need to Stop Google’s Exploitation of Open Communities

Google’s strategy is to build market in Africa by appropriating the appearance of open data community methodologies, yet maintaining corporate control of what should rightfully be a common resource. They are specifically targetting govts and NGOs, offering to “map their country for free”, but keeping the results, and attracting customers. What bothers me so much … Continue reading “We Need to Stop Google’s Exploitation of Open Communities”

Freedom and Restrictions in Open Data

Very interesting situation developed last month within the Russian community of OpenStreetMap. It is illegal to map the location of military facilities in Russia. In fact, a permit is required to do any mapping. The Russian community started a vote (well, in practice and discussion, a non-binding poll) on whether military installations should be removed … Continue reading “Freedom and Restrictions in Open Data”

What would it take to map an entire country?

“What would it take to map an entire country?” With the growing visibility of Map Kibera, that question is coming more frequently, especially in Africa, where both OpenStreetMap and traditional mapping are widely absent. This is a massive question, which is going to depend very much on circumstances of that country, and on who is … Continue reading “What would it take to map an entire country?”