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Wiki Volunteer Needed at the UNDP

The WaterWiki is looking for a Wiki-Geek at UN Volunteering. WaterWiki is the first Wiki deployed within the UN system, launched by Anna and myself in 2005. This is a great project to help out if you have a few spare hours per week and are excited about tools changing the way big organizations work. […]


Wiki at the UNDP

Wiki at the UNDP We have developed and produced perhaps the first wiki in use at the United Nations Development Program. Editing is restricted to internal users, but the wider web is welcome to take a look at the WaterWiki. This is a pretty new approach for the UNDP, but the signs at this early […]


Another summer, another wiki! UN INSTRAW Gender Training Wiki. INSTRAW Tech, Take 3.

In what’s becoming an annual tradition, Anna and I have launched another Wiki within the United Nations, the UN INSTRAW Gender Training Wiki! This is intended as a resource for a wide community, and features such technical nicieties like integrated mapping and calendaring of all articles. I encourage you to check it out for yourself, […]


Consultant Position for WaterWiki! Get Paid to Wiki…

Last summer we worked on a great Volunteer project for the UNDP .. WaterWiki .. likely the first Wiki in use within the United Nations. I’ve written about it here. Today it’s up to 700 articles, and has been used in a number of activities, like collaboratively drafting the UNDP’s Regional Water Strategy. Now WaterWiki […]


WaterWiki 7 months on

The WaterWiki was launched last fall, to support the UNDP Water Governance Community of Practice in Eastern Europe and former Soviet states. This was possibly the first use of Wiki technology within the UN, and it was a great project to work on. Yes, a labor of love. Since, its grown to 500 pages and […]


Not presenting at Etech: Wiki Anarchy in the United Nations

Not presenting at Etech: Wiki Anarchy in the United Nations Around the time proposals for this year’s Etech were due, I had just wrapped up the WaterWiki project at the UNDP, and I put together a quick submission. WaterWiki was a very very satisfying project, and it looks like the concept will soon start replicating […]


Open Source Social Networking at the United Nations.

This project is about helping people at the United Nations do their job better, with the introduction of just a little technology. Two years ago I was just starting to thinking about how to build a set of tools UNDP “Eastern Europe and Central Asia” office in Bratislava .. to help them collaborate better inside […]

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Wrapping up UNGIWG

UNGIWG concluded with another half day of openness. In the morning we heard about the geo activities of our hosts in Vienna .. UN Office of Outer Space Affairs, Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization, International Atomic Energy Agency, UN Office on Drugs and Crime. The CTBTO presentation was especially fascinating. They conduct one of […]


UNGIWG, helping the United Nations to share its geodata

Last week I was in Vienna for the 9th plenary meeting of UNGIWG, the “United Nations Geographic Information Working Group”. That meant muted but real celebration of Obama’s victory in UN chambers. Good stuff. UNGIWG is a group of UN professionals working together to solve problems and cooperate on all manner of things concerning maps […]


Pune, Day 1

Hello from OpenStreetMap Pune! High on the Deccan Plane, refuge from the heat and crowds of nearby Mumbai, it’s only a small Indian city with just 5 million people! “Oxford of the East”, with scores of universities, and India’s fastest growing city freshly imprinted with the physical manifestations of globalization and computers and consumerism (my […]


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