Political simulations using Swarm
Swarm looks cool, wish i had a linux box

What to do when I start to notice Blog Streams? Is there any way to add structure post-post
Ask and you receive – Seque a web watcher, topic sniffer
Contact Leiberman, others??

Two to notice — information/media/internet management tools (ala MyYahoo — which is limited as a tool because of business concerns, provided a forum to expand skills)) and Computation Modelling, based on advanced computer science techniques and verifiable scientific hypothesis

This guy is at UCB

Rss Box
Rss Monkey

SOAP Service only for profile read/write
DHTML/Javascript/VBScript/Whatever to make soap requests, rss retrieval, and display
A host of problems – maybe a seperate app is the answer?? (but yet another scripting language! frontier…)

Features in the tool – News stories grouped according to subject area. Website viewing tracker. Todo list. Structured blogger, displayed according to content stream. Bubble up task lists.

XML parser in Javascript == the beginnings of an xml editor
A javascript SOAP client == one step closer from the merky microsoft world