State of the Map Scholarships, Looking forward

“The SOTM was the opportunity to meet more closely all those people sharing experiences, knowledge, experience and passion for a common project. To feel the real sense of comunity. To have seen the result of working together, of uniting all our efforts.” – Jorge Batista “The experience has convinced me that the OSM organizational model … Continue reading State of the Map Scholarships, Looking forward

Mapping the West Bank

Right now, our first group of mappers are out surveying Bethlehem! I’m here in the West Bank working with JumpStart International, a NGO that has accomplished amazing things in some of the toughest parts of the world. JumpStart organized programs putting people to work clearing and reconstructing public buildings in Iraq and Gaza. They’ve now … Continue reading Mapping the West Bank is doing something cool. They’ve compiled several public domain gazateers, including the GNS database (used in the worldKit geocoder). Smacked a search and web service interface on the front. And it’s all editable, wiki style. There’s loads of public domain geodata published in various corners of the web. Part of the skill in … Continue reading